Architecture Social Guest Appearance on “Architecting with Angela Mazzi”

It was fantastic to be a guest on Angela Mazzi’s podcast, you can check out the original podcast and other episodes here:

“Future practicing is all about playing the long game. Making investments in your career today that will pay big dividends.

My guest Stephen Drew is an architect turned industry recruiter. Steve understands the importance of overcoming competition and lack based thinking and has worked to form a supportive community called Architecture Social

He shares his insights on what he’s learned from both vantage points:

  • The importance of developing your personal brand and not being afraid to put yourself out there- even if you feel “flawed.”
  • Why networking is the single biggest investment you can make in your career
  • Reasons you should look for the right fit not big name when you look for a job
  • What the practice of the future will look like

Stay Inspired, Angela”

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